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  • Welcome to noncon

    LUGB vortex flowmeter

    applications:Steam compressed air coal gas etc

    Wall mounted ultrasonic flowmet
    applications:Large diameter pipeline is not convenient to install
    Split electromagnetic flowmeter
    applications:application:A highly conductive or impure conductive liquid
    Professional achievements classics, quality casting brilliant!

    NONCON(南控儀表)Located in the Guangzhou hi tech Industrial Park, is a collection of traffic products and control system development, production, sales, service as one of the private high-tech enterprises.

    To survive with excellent products - through careful design and meticulous production, we produce accurate, safe and reliable products to increase market share.

    The credibility of a satisfactory service - through our reasonable prices, guaranteed delivery, perfect customer service service system, establishing partnerships with customers. Science and technology for development by scientific research units and colleges and our cooperation, continue to launch new products ,

    To meet the potential demand.

    At present, our company mainly has flow meter, fluid control system, fluid measurement and control related products, such as the three major product lines. The main products of the flowmeter are turbine flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, metal tube float flowmeter, elliptical gear

    Differential pressure flowmeter and orifice plate flowmeter, target type flowmeter, V cone flowmeter; cooperation with South China University of Technology to dev


    南控儀表集團 ? 版權所有 粵ICP備10020759號-1 E, building 2, 2801 East Whampoa  Road, Whampoa  District, Guangzhou, China
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